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All My Friends Are Hot" by Hawke

A primer reader for children* and poorly educated slaves.

*not actually for children

Some Of My Friends Are Hot, Some Are Smelly, Some Are Rocks" by The Warden

Not All My Friends Have Been Announced Yet" by The Inquisitor

It Turns Out All My Friends Are Hot Too, Goddamn" the long awaited sequel by The Inquisitor.

OKAY YEAH WOW I totally missed out on the Warden having a threesome with Isabela and Zevran in my first playthrough that was stupendous.

That was absolutely necessary and vastly improved the overall story arc I tell you what.

Redcliffe village gate guard: Wait where are you going you promised to stay the night and help with the zombies. :(
Me: Um the thing about that is I picked up Zevran on the way here from Denerim and now have urgent business back in camp.
Redcliffe gate guard: Um well not gonna stop you but uh spoileralert if you leave and come back now we'll all be dead?
Me: Oh. But... but... booty! :(

Also I want to talk about how the modders put alpha holes in the mage hoods for Suranas’ ears to stick out of so they don’t clip, and made it look all raggedy like they cut the holes themselves because I am screaming that is so cute.


potatoe1988 replied to your post “gUYS the grey warden armor mod failed and now Duncan’s walking around…”

Pics plz. To, uh, diagnose the problem?

Kay. :3
Problem has been diagnosed and solved; it’s just any save files from before I installed the mod. (Which shall now be preserved for posterity I guess?)

'Sfixed now tho.

Hey Everyone Look At My Cute Surana Again: Tight Leather and Scale Mail edition.

gUYS the grey warden armor mod failed and now Duncan’s walking around in his underwear.

I don’t know how to fix it… not sure I want to…

Okay that’s it replaying DA:O on PC now here I go.

Er… I wasn’t able to get the Ultimate Edition for PC as a disc copy, does anyone know how to upgrade from a disc edition or do I have to rebuy it on Steam? Because I don’t want to do that. But I also don’t want to spend a ton of money downloading all the DLC expansions piecemeal with Bioware points because the prices are ridiculous?

alternative titles for the enemy of thedas trailer


  • the everyone is so hot trailer
  • the solas holds your hand trailer
  • the entire inquisition gets smacked around trailer
  • the it’s hawke oh my god it’s hawke trailer
  • the i’m in love with dorian pavus trailer
  • the cole’s voice is perfect trailer
  • the i’m gonna watch this ninety more times while panting and sweating and peeing myself trailer

the cole’s voice is perfect trailer

yeah that was my initial stupid-grin before Hawke showed up. <3


(We have this playing at work and I CAN’T UNSEE IT its the beard and red bathrobe).

Dragon Age: Inquisition Official Trailer - The Enemy of Thedas

In case you’re just tuning in and wondering why the internet is exploding:

Hawke confirmed for DA:I.